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"The Highest Rated Pizza Joint in Town"

Mary Jane's
Stone Baked



Mary Jane's Stone Baked Pizzeria is owned by me, Liz, who takes pride in my Business & my Stone Baked Pizzas.  I am a firm believer about quality and consistency by offering the freshest quality ingredients to my customers. My pizzas are baked in a stone oven...hence the "Stone Baked" in the name. Mary Jane's was started in May of 2017 with my late husband, Chris. My pizza shop is named after my mom, Mary Jane Hyre, who passed away in in a car crash in January of 2015. Then, June of 2019 my husband passed away very unexpectedly due to a blood clot. At that time I decided to continue the business and what we started together on my own. Then recently in July 2023 my building in Monaca where I was located for over 6 years unexpectedly sold and the new owner told me I had to move out. Currently my business is closed until I relocate and/or venture into something slightly new and still continue to make my pizza. Doing this on my own and figuring out my next plan alone was not something I imagined, but I am figuring it out and will be back soon. My first priority is my kids and making sure I am making the best decision for us. I will keep you all posted so you will be able to come check Mary Jane's out and to see why we're the 'Highest Rated Pizza Joint in Town." I can't wait to be back to see you, your friends and your family!

                                                                                Your Favorite Pizza Girl, Liz


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Special Events & Parties


Whether you're inviting people over and you need to serve all your friends and family? Whether it's a birthday party, family gathering, or corporate event, Mary Jane's Stone Baked Pizzeria can put your mind at ease about the food and you can focus on the decorations & who your inviting. Call and let's talk!




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